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Professional Certifications

Although Orton-Gillingham has long been associated with dyslexia, many educators have spent decades pushing for the curriculum in every classroom.  The Orton-Gillingham approach is an evidence-based, scientific approach to reading and writing instruction and involves direct, explicit, systematic and multisensory elements.  In particular, it works well for non-native English speakers - commonly referred to as “ELLs” or “English Language Learners.   Recent U.S. Census numbers show that currently about one in five public school students live in a home where English is not the primary language spoken. 


Throughout the year, Dr. Fedora offers a variety of Orton-Gillingham courses for teachers, educators, tutors, and any individuals with an interest in learning about Orton-Gillingham.  Practicum Opportunities are also available to those trainees who have completed a training course. Currently, the courses are offered virtually and include the 30 hour AOGPE Classroom Educator Training Course, the 60 hour AOGPE Associate Training Course, and the 100 hour AOGPE Certified Training Course.

Please note: Prior to the start of the course, students will need to purchase the following course materials: "A Guide to Teaching Phonics" by June Lyday Orton, and "Language Tool Kit" by Paula Rome and Jean Osman. 

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